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Reviews of Electronic Security Safe Box G1450E5 Home Office Security Keypad Lock Large
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by r***e on February 11, 2020

The description of the product was exactly what I purchased, received and eventually installed. The safe is a good organizer for the five weapons I have (rifles, etc.) and with it secured into a wall of my basement closet, it allows safe keeping of my weapons. It functions just as expected and helps me to organize. I did replace the thin felt matting that came at the bottom of the safe with a piece of carpet to better cushion the shoulder end of the rifles. Only one other observation, there ...

by C***k on February 09, 2020

This is a small gun safe that fits perfectly in a walk-in closet. It mounts easily to wall and/or floor. Setup was simple and it provides quick access to my guns when needed. This is a light weight safe as the walls are single layer steel but it is well built. Should deter most unwanted access and thoroughly delay the determined intruder.

by C***r on February 01, 2020

This cabinet is pretty nice for the cost and will stop nosey kids and such and slow down thieves for a while. Certainly no Fort knox but neither is the price. I bought two so I could put them in different places in the house. The electronics work great once you figure out how to program it. Read the instructions very close. Having an emergency key entry was a must for me as I don't trust electronics and don't want to be the one trying to break into the safe while someone is breaking into my hous ...

by S***n on January 27, 2019

Absolutely got what I paid for.This safety case is much better than the cheaper one I bought two years ago.I put all my valuables there so I won't be afraid of having them stolen again.

by J***L on August 18, 2018

This safe looks very solid. When the package is received, the outer packaging is very tight and it is not damaged at all. It is really good.

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