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Living Room Concise Modern Verticle Storage Tea Table Wood Floor Lamp 110V US Plug
By miguel garcia#MX10X210693N
The packing was very satisfactory,my lamp was in good condition when it arrived.I like its unique design.The light is warm and energy-saving.It's worth buying.
Modern Simple Warm and Sweet Bedroom Creativity Wood Floor Lamp 110V
By Jeremy Oliver
This floor lamp has a simple but stylish design,good material,soft lighting.It matches the description.
Modern Simple Warm and Sweet Bedroom Creativity Wood Floor Lamp 110V
By Anthony Mouton
Highly suitable, the lighting is also very bright, not glaring, very easy to use.
Modern Simple Originality Dual-head Floor Lamp Red US Standard
By Zakaria Bakkach
My girlfriend said that she was very satisfied with the floor lamp. The venue was small and just placed.
Simple Warm and Sweet Bedroom Creativity Wood Floor Lamp
By jacek gromkowski
This floor lamp looks very beautiful and elegant.I put it in my study,the light is soft,making the room looks very warm.

Mordern lamps serve many purposes, it all depends on what you need it for. It's a more of a need that allows them to read books at night while laying in bed. But there are also individuals who buy floor lamps mainly to decorate their space. And lastly, creating an ambient atmosphere when the bedroom lights are off is another popular reason as to why people purchase lamps. The key to creating ambiance is to illuminate the entire bedroom to a certain degree without actually brightening it up completely. As opposed to other types of lamps that are designed to light one particular part of the room only. Table lamps are available in a variety of styles, designs and functions.

To purchase the right lamp for living room, it's important to firstly understand the purpose you are using it for.