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E26 Newest Rubber Wood Originality Wooden Layer Table Lamp(110V)
By sherry Anderson
The product is exactly the same as the picture described, it is still so cheap, it is really a conscience seller.
Shelf Floor Lamp Light Wood Lamp
By deeann barnes-brink
The floor lamp to take up the space is very small, but very useful.I put it in one corner of the room, I put a few shelves this I often see of book, very practical.I am satisfied with my purchase.
Modern Simple Warm and Sweet Tripod Modelling Wood Floor Lamp
By Nancy Harrelson
Looks great and works great! For its price, the quality of the wood was more than what i expected! The led bulb that it came with is a very bright white light which i can appreciate.
Wood Tripod Floor Lamp Concise Modern Stylish Wooden Lamp
By Johnny Kr?ka
Just received the goods in the morning, installed begin to use soon.Its appearance is concise and fashion, the light is very soft and comfortable, incredible, I use such a low price can buy a such high-grade floor lamp.

Mordern lamps serve many purposes, it all depends on what you need it for. It's a more of a need that allows them to read books at night while laying in bed. But there are also individuals who buy floor lamps mainly to decorate their space. And lastly, creating an ambient atmosphere when the bedroom lights are off is another popular reason as to why people purchase lamps. The key to creating ambiance is to illuminate the entire bedroom to a certain degree without actually brightening it up completely. As opposed to other types of lamps that are designed to light one particular part of the room only. Table lamps are available in a variety of styles, designs and functions.

To purchase the right lamp for living room, it's important to firstly understand the purpose you are using it for.