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118"x 118" Four Sides Two Doors Two Winders Waterproof Foldable Tent Blue
By Nicole Felder
We purchased this tent for my son's birthday party which was held in the back garden.It's a lot sturdier and larger than we expected.So easy to assemble but it required two or three people.There's plenty of room inside for two tables and some chairs.Everyone had a good time,feeling very pleased with this tent.
118"x 236" Six Sides Four Winders Waterproof Foldable Tent Blue
By Wayne Tahtinen
In terms of price,it's a little expensive,but it's worthwhile absolutely.We had an outdoor party last week,when it was rainly heavily.This tent is strong enough to windstand in stormy weather due to sturdy frame and thick oxford fabric.We feel extremely pleased with its quality&performance.
Hand-cranking Style Waterproof Folding Sunshade 106" Tawny
By Stephen Anthony
This one Waterproof Folding Sunshade is adopt to my home,not very big,so good products.Will let my friends to buy one.
118"x 118" POP UP Wedding Party Tent Foldable With Bag White
By Richard Lamb
This canopy provides decent coverage. I bought it to put it over my car mainly for repair. Here is my two cent.
118"x 118" POP UP Wedding Party Tent Foldable With Bag White
By Jose Perez
I took this to a picnic we were having at a park. The sun was hot and this canopy was perfect for allowing people to get out of the direct sunlight.

Whether you're an experienced camper or you just want to try something new with your family and friends to hold a party outdoors, then you need all the outdoor equipment including the tent. In different occasions tents are mainly divided into party tents, camping tents, outdoor tents. A tent with multiple sides and windows depending on the function.

Party tent is specially designed for party. The spacious space provided by party tent can accommodate many people. Party tent is of great durability and solid structure. Waterproof fabric makes party tent suitable for outdoor use. Party tent is easy to install and use. Most of all, party tent is quite space-saving when it folds.

Multi-functional waterproof outdoor camping tent for bathing dressing must be a fast way to help you take a comfortable bath or build an easy-to-use toilet when you're in the open air. Besides, camping tent is equipped with four wind-proof straps on the corners, making it steadily fastened under any weather condition. 

Outdoor tent is really a convenient and stylish item!