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Multifunctional Assembled 3 Tiers 9 Compartments Storage Shelf Black
By katkota_ tota
I'm very pleased with the purchase.This shelf is exactly what I need.It's a nice addition to my apartment.It has many slots to store many different things.A good organizer!
Fashionable Room-saving 9 Lattices Non-woven Fabric Shoe Rack Purple
By Nacapoy
A great purchase,especially for only $17.99! Very easy to assemble!It seems very sturdy,and it can hold numberous pairs of shoes and other items.Fits in the space perfectly.Nice addition to my home.
3-in-1 Makeup Train Case Draw-bar Box Design Portable Leopard Grain Case
By Jill Rock
Delivered in a timely manner!An amazing makeup kit!It's so organized.I don't have to search around to find my makeup.It has enough room for all the important things.I couldn't be more satisfied with this product!
6-layer Portable Bamboo Splint Multi-function Shoe Rack Wood Color
By Teermans
This shoe rack is light-weight,fairly easy to assemble.It looks very stylish and attractive.You can put all kinds of items on it.I would buy another one if I need an additional rack.
Single-bar Vertically-stretching Stand Clothes Rack with Shoe Shelf Silver
By Bill Batz
I did not expect this product to be so sturdy at this price.It is not rickety at all and easy to wheel to another place.Also,it is very simple to assemble and take down.I'm using this clothes rack to hang up wet clothes from the washer and it works perfectly for that purpose.

How many of us actually enjoy the spring cleaning season? Sure, it feels great to have the clutter taken care of and all of the open space renewed in your home but how many of us truly enjoy the back breaking labor of clearing out the garage, the basement, the attic, the closets, the kitchen. All of those spaces can be overwhelming when you have too much stuff and not enough storage containers.

It's nothing to be ashamed of really. We all want to collect nice things over the course of our lives and it's hard to throw anything away that has some kind of sentimental value of functional use. Without cheap storage containers though it's hard to keep all of that stuff in check. When you are done with those things, stack the items neatly and efficiently, so when the time that their use is needed, you can easily locate each of home organization.