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Multifunctional Assembled 3 Tiers 9 Compartments Storage Shelf Black
By katkota_ tota
I'm very pleased with the purchase.This shelf is exactly what I need.It's a nice addition to my apartment.It has many slots to store many different things.A good organizer!
4-Layer Plastic Coated Iron Shelf 35.43" x 13.78" x 47.24" Black
By Joe Nazione
This shelf was delivered on time without defects.Easy to put together.It looks great after assembly.You can put anything you want on the shelf.I would like to recommend this product to my neighbor.
Shelves Concise 6 Layers Carbon Steel & PP Storage Rack Silver Gray
By Laura Martinez
This kitchen rack is very easy to use and can accommodate a lot of kitchen supplies. It is suitable for our family and I like it very much.
Rectangle Carbon Steel Metal Assembly 4-Shelf Storage Rack Silver Gray
By Kevin Millering
Kitchen shelves, great shopping, my mom likes it.
Shelves Widen 4 Tiers Multi-functional Storage Cart Ivory White
By Gonzalo Hern
I bought this in the kitchen and it was much cleaner and I had some good products. well

A corner wall shelf is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to any room. You may need space and a shelf that fits snugly into a corner is a great way to add space even if you think that you do not have any space to spare. The corners of a room are the best places to add a shelf and this is often a hard place to find furniture that fits perfectly. 

The living room is one area where you often need more space and you may have many things that you would love to display, but you simply do not have anywhere to keep your prized possessions. If you use a wall shelf for the corner you will have a few shelves to display you items and this can help you get everything you want out of boxes or storage and displayed nicely on a corner shelf. These corner shelves come in different styles and can be used as per the space available.