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ZOMEI Q111 55" Professional Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod for DSLR
By V***n
The color is very positive. After installation, it is also very strong, very strong and easy to fix.
Kshioe 135W Silver Black Umbrellas with Background Stand Muslim Cloth (Black & White & Green) Set US
By J***e
It's specially bought for my friend,who runs a studio.The quality is okay.There is no problem with it at present.
Kshioe 1.6x3m Background Stand Support System Kit+ Green Black White Non-woven Backdrop+ Clamps
By l***a
The color is very positive, the product shot is very good, and will come again.
Kshioe 24" x 24" Photography Soft Light Square Studio Tent Kit
By M***x
It is a very good choice for taking some of my small products, and the quality is also very good.
Kshioe 2x3m Adjustable Photography Photo Background Backdrop Support Stand Kit
By R***n
I actually just use it for the green screen of streaming media, the product works well and is easy to assemble.
Kshioe Single Head Soft Light Box Two Lights Set US Plug 135W Bulb 5070
By D***a
My son is a photography beginner. I often act as his model. Since I bought this soft light box for my son, the photos he helped me have been much more beautiful.
ZOMEI Q111 55" Professional Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod for DSLR
By t***n
This tripod is so compact and light, but very sturdy, even extending to its full height. I recently used this to shoot the moon, I set it to its highest height, and have my huge Canon 7D Mark II with a zoom lens (~ 4 lbs) pointing at an angle for about an hour, it held sturdy, not even needed An anti-weight.
ZOMEI Q111 55" Professional Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod for DSLR Canon Nikon Sony DV Video
By G***r
The tripod is better than I thought. Buy it instead of my bad one, this is stronger than my original one. Comes with a suitcase. 55" high. Recommended.

It doesn't really matter whether or not you do photography for profit or simply for leisure, it is probable that the next best equipment you need to invest in other than a nice new  camera are the camera accessories that you will use along with it. One of the most confusing aspects of buying a camera are determining what accessories to buy with it. It can also be difficult to find accessories.

Camera accessories also include tripods. Camera tripod are necessary for a steady shot or a shot where the photographer wants to be included in the shot. Most of the time, a tripod can usually be extended to be as tall as an average person. Of the cheap camera accessories, perhaps the camera tripod is one that will help a lot of people since it helps reduce the amount of "camera shakes" when taking photos and allows you to take shots from a variety of angles.