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23" Silicone Baby Doll in Dress
By Ronald Thomas
The little doll is very beautiful, my daughter likes it very much, the material is very good, very good.
22" Beautiful Silicone Baby Doll in Skirt
By Anthony Santos
Very delicate little doll, bought for a friend's daughter, very face, I like it very much.
22" Beautiful Silicone Baby Doll in Skirt
By Michael
I received this baby doll a few days ago.Except for the thinning hair,I am quite satisfied with the overall workmanship.
22" Mini Cute Silicone Baby Doll in Puppy Pattern Clothes
By Odily Roldan
This baby doll looks very lifelike.It's a gift for my 3-year-old nephew.The workmanship is very good.
22" Mini Cute Silicone Baby Doll in Floral Lace Dress
I like this baby doll very much. It looks very realistic. I used her as my daughter's Christmas gift. She is very happy.

Are you still worried about what kind of gift you choose for your child? Baby dolls made of high-quality material, it is safe and not harmful to body, so it is suitable for baby or little kid.

Silicone baby dolls have a sense of authenticity because of the size and shape in accordance with normal full-term baby. It is not only the equipment for obstetricians and expectant mothers to propaganda and learn, but also a self-care aid tool for kindergarten teachers to teach their children to eat, dress and take care of themselves. The baby dolls for toddlers chat when parents are busy, instead of playmates playing together, so the kids aren't alone. Kids can also take her along in the included carrier for on-the-go adventures.

You can place it in your bedroom and desk, it will add spice and fun to your home.