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Growing Tent 31" x 31" x 62" with window
It's so easy to put these parts together.It took around 40 minutes for me to finish it.This tent doesn't have any light leak.Frame feels sturdy and the thick canvas wrap fits tightly.Soybean sprouts are growing well inside.We're waiting for the soybeans.An awesome tent!
Growing Tent 47" x 24" x 60" with window
By Jason Snellgrove
I'm glad I purchased this tent.It's very easy to set up for everyone.And it doesn't take up a lot of room.The kind of fabric is thick&durabale and easy to clean.It has a screen on the sides of the tent,helping with ventilation and preventing pests from entering,which makes me satisfied.I recommend this product to anyone who wants to grow plants from beginners to experts.
10W 225-LED Plant Growth Light Red & Blue & Orange & White Light
By nathaniel cox
Quick shipping!Led light was delivered in perfect condition,and it has been used to grow succulents with great success.My plants absolutely love the light it produces!It looks very well made and functions as advertised.
Growing Tent 24" x 24" x 47"
By Colton Schmidt
The package arrived faster than expected.It's very simple to assemble.This tent is made of thick material.I've purchased lots of growing tents over the past years and this one certainty has the thickest material.No light leaks at all! I've been using it for a while,and I'm glad I purchased this tent.Good value for the price.
Growing Tent 35" x 35" x 70" with window
By Kris
It took me around 20 minutes to assemble this tent.It looks very sturdy,well-designed,and no problems whatsoever!This is my first tent,I feel very satisfied with it.I would definitely recommend this product to other fellow growers!

If you want to grow plants indoors, then you need to growing tent, the main ingredient is Green Source Plastic. There are mainly growing tent, growing tent with window and dismountable. Growing tent can better control the various factors of plant growth: temperature, humidity, lighting and so on, so that plants grow better, healthier! Growing tent is a high quality and safe product which is designed especially for horticulture industry.

Growing tent will offer you ultimate control over your plants' environment, result in strong and healthy plants with increased yield. In the precondition of space-saving and lightweight, growing tent takes care of plants in an environmentally friendly way.

Plant growth lamp is also a good partner, particularly for providing better condition for plant growth promotion which is of great brightness, low power consumption and environmental protection.