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Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent 47.24" x 23.62" x 70.86"
By Doug
Can't beat it for the price..The quality of this tent is great!It's very durable.When it's fully closed,zero light gets through.Perfect for what I need.
Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent 31.49" x 31.49" x 62.99"
By Suzie Leverington
This is my first time to purchase grow tent.It arrived on time,well-packed.It's much bigger than what I pictured in my mind.Super sturdy.No light leaks.Zero issues so far.
Kitchen Filter 4" x 10 Stainless Steel Silver
By Cathy Christensen
I am very pleased with my purchase.I used to own another filtered pitcher but my water never tasted such pure.A good choice!
High Quality Reflective Foil 2 Mil 48" x 50" Silver
By Andrew Reeve
I used a reflective belt to protect the new rubber insulated tube wrapped in my A/C refrigerant line. The effect is great.
Digital Grow Light Ballast with Reflex Plate & HPS & MH & Time 400W Horticulture Electronic Dimmable
By Malachi Blodget
I bought a similar product from other sellers before, but it didn't take long to break. After listening to my friend's recommendation, I came here to buy this. He didn't let me down, the quality is very very great. Thx!

If you want to grow plants indoors, then you need to growing tent, the main ingredient is Green Source Plastic. There are mainly growing tent, growing tent with window and dismountable. Growing tent can better control the various factors of plant growth: temperature, humidity, lighting and so on, so that plants grow better, healthier! Growing tent is a high quality and safe product which is designed especially for horticulture industry.

Growing tent will offer you ultimate control over your plants' environment, result in strong and healthy plants with increased yield. In the precondition of space-saving and lightweight, growing tent takes care of plants in an environmentally friendly way.

Plant growth lamp is also a good partner, particularly for providing better condition for plant growth promotion which is of great brightness, low power consumption and environmental protection.