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Reviews of 48-Egg Practical Fully Automatic Poultry Incubator US Standard
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by e***e on May 18, 2020

I have received the goods and have not started to use them. I will continue to comment after I use them, but the packaging is very good.

by C***n on January 28, 2020

I waited until I ran my first cycle before writing a review. The end result is 24 eggs placed and 24 hatched for a 100% hatch rate. (Chicken eggs) Was extremely easy to keep humidity right and temp was never a problem. Add 3 bucks for a warntey and it can't be beat for the price. I highly recommend this for even the newest to hatching.

by a***r on January 07, 2020

I have two of these and they do all that they r suppose to. My hatch rate is 98% which is really good for the price i pay for this. I recommend this item to all of my extended family, which is why i'm purchasing this item again. They have't had any success with the expensive units they've purchased else where and have pretty much given up hope of incubating eggs. I usually help them set these up and give a short tutorial on how to use these and handle them. They will break if not handled or used ...

by e***g on January 05, 2020

Was very hesitant to buy this at the price. But have to say it is worth the money. The directions for use could be better, they really do not give you operating instructions. As soon as I plugged it in the temps were preset. Keeps awesome temp. Great for a small hatch, no need to fire up my big incubator. Well worth the money.

by D***r on January 04, 2020

I really like this product. I left the Styrofoam on the bottom half for more insulation. I didn't use the top half of the Styrofoam as it would block the air holes and I wouldn't be able to monitor the temp and humidity at a glance without lifting the lid, however, I think I will cut out a little in those two areas and see how it works. The only problem I can see, is the instructions are hard to understand. Just put a cup of water in, keep the humidity around 55 (that is what mine set naturall ...

by S***r on January 03, 2020

The indoor plant growth light, coupled with the growing shed I bought, is really great. For the first time, I enjoyed the vegetables I planted.

by S***r on January 03, 2020

Got this baby in and hooked it up. Turned it on, nothing.. Was very upset at first, decided to get the voltmeter out to figure out what was going on. Upon inspection with the voltmeter I determined that even though the power cord had no visible marks the neutral wire was broken somewhere. Found an old computer monitor cord lying around and wouldn't you know it it's the same kind of plug (what luck) so I plugged the cord I found into it and it runs like a champ!!! Great little machine for the pri ...

by J***h on June 21, 2018

Great incubator, stable temps, and a alert for humidity limits. Al I would ask for would be to have the option of degrees in Fahrenheit.

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