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78.74" x 39.37" Household Application Door & Window Eaves with Black Holder
By Graham Fox
A super practical product, very suitable for the door, is really great.

Window canopy is a superb design integrating high-class ABS and polycarbonate materials, durable and wear-resistant to use . Aluminum bracket could strongly sustain this canopy, it bulges to shape a small shield.

Awning windows installed in the outdoor doors and windows, you can block 85% of the sun radiation out of the window, blocking the air electricity in the heat, greatly reducing the indoor temperature, thereby reducing the energy consumption of air-conditioning, than curtains, blinds and other installed in the indoor shading products more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly! Door canopy installation can be made according to the shape can be produced into a variety of styles, can meet the needs of different occasions, an ideal product for household,coffee shop, bar,etc.

Household application window canopy is a built-in frame structure with smooth overall structure, quite easy to install and remove!