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Shower Chair Adjustable Old People Bath Chair CST-3052 White
By Robert A. Reed
I was really like this stool. Very beautiful and very strong. No need for anything else can be placed.
Shower Chair Adjustable Old People Bath Chair CST-3052 White
By Antonio Donaldson
My grandpa has recently had back surgery,he's unable to stand for long periods of time,so I purchased this chair for him.It's very sturdy,won
Shower Chair Adjustable Old People Bath Chair CST-3012
By Alex Kupczyk
Assembly requires no tools,so simple even without the instructions(read them anyway for the sake of safety).Great shower chair,sturdy and easy to adjust for height.Good quality at such a reasonable price.
Shower Chair Adjustable Old People Bath Chair CST-3052 White
By Gregg Doud
Grandpa's grandmother and the ability to walk is not flexible, I bought this chair for them, they like very much, also don't have to worry about their bathing will accidentally slipped, thanks to the chair of the designers, thanks to the seller.
Shower Chair Adjustable Old People Bath Chair CST-3011 White
By Wayne Tahtinen
I bought this adjustable chair for my grand-mother.Solid,sturdy,light-weight,and simple to assemble.Exactly as described.Also,it is easy to clean.

Shower chair not only applies to people with medical disability or mobility, but also adds comfort to our daily life. Shower seat is an easy way for you to improve your experience.

The overall function of the shower chair is similar, but there are actually several types: shower chairs without backs or arms, shower chairs with backs, shower chairs with arm supports and shower chairs with wheels. For safety reasons, when entering and leaving the shower, stay alert at all times to reduce the likelihood of slipping. Shower chairs for elderly are the best choice to reduce accidents, which not only prevent skid, but also have a strong carrying capacity, which provides convenience for the elderly.

Shower chairs can help you get yourself clean independently while reducing the risk of injury. Here at Alimart, you can find a wide selection of shower chairs to fit your specific needs.