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Reviews of Portable Folding Table with Fan & Mouse 360-Degree Rotation Black
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by T***i on February 12, 2020

The only problem is the amount of options. Its lightweight, durable, and designed with intelligence. I love the versatility of it and its main function of cooling my device has been been achieved with style.

by C***y on February 11, 2020

If your gonna get a cooling fan for yourself you might as well get one that would serve multiple functions as this one does. Very handy in any spot plus if you don't wanna sit all day but don't wanna be hunched over either this is the cure to your problem. Recommend this to everyone since the price for this is the same if not lower than a normal cooling fan.

by A***k on February 09, 2020

I have Been Looking for something like this for years and this is a good cost effective substitute For a Veri-desk which can run you hundreds of dollars, I wish I had bought more Now that I've tried and been heavily used this one since I bought it. Its nice and sturdy as long aas the table is centered. Even with out the Plug fan the ventilation is big enough to keepit cool. I have an over clutteed desk at times and this takes up a realitive small space.

by D***s on February 05, 2020

I use it at night when I can't sleep and I take my computer into the other room so I won't bother my husband, and I watch things on utube or answer emails. I also use it to do crossword puzzles and hold my book when I'm reading and doing games on my Kindle. I like the way it can be changed to fit whatever I'm doing.

by m***y on November 10, 2018

I was just looking for a computer table that could be moved at will so that I could use the computer comfortably in front of the sofa.

by A***y on September 19, 2018

The small fan under the table is very good, I can use the computer for a long time without worrying about the computer being hot. The height of the desktop can be adjusted to make my neck not sore because of the long head. I really like this computer desk, I plan to buy another one for my father.

by E***y on September 08, 2018

My husband is very fond of this table.He likes to use wireless mouse in his laptop, this table has enough space to put his laptop and mouse.He also highly appreciated to adjust the leg, it is a solid and general product!

by H***l on July 18, 2018

This computer desk is much better than the traditional one. It is convenient to change the position at any time.

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